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Dave Phillips the principal of the college tutors out of Macclesfield College for large groups,more than 10 people, from September to Easter 20 weeks in total 2 hours per night We can  also provide private tutoring and smaller groups of 5 people. This applies to the Dayskipper and  Yachtmaster classes 

I also provide the DSC VHF Course which is an interactive course that the student downloads the  modules onto there computer and works through them at home, in there own time, a short assesment and practice on real radios finishes off the course and enables the student to  achive there  licence. 

I can provide a diesel engine course but we don't have an engine at this time so it would  provide hands on practice  but would give you the theory 

I can also help with own boat tuition or mile building to give students more confidence 

Dayskipper Theory Course
The Dayskipper theory course takes in all aspets of being at sea providing a comprehensive introduction to chartwork, navigation, meterology and basic seamanship. The aim of the course is to help you become more competent, knowledgeable and safer on the water
A sound grasp of the principles of navigation is essential for anyone skippering a boat at sea. These techniques also provide the foundation to get the best out of your GPS or chart plotter, this course covers both traditional and electronic techniques.
The course requires a minimum of 40 hours teaching time + time for the assessment, I always provide homework to give the student plenty of practice.
As well as the RYA pack and Almanac you will need to bring along, a course plotter - (Breton, Portland, Douglas protractor, Parallel rule). Dividers, 2B pencil, soft eraser and a writting pad.
You will recieve an electronic chart plotter that we advise people to put on there computer and use as much as possible, instruction will be given.

Yachtmaster Theory Course
The Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster shorebased course is an advanced course in navigation and meteorology for candidates aiming to achive the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster certificate.
The assumed level of knowledge before starting this course is the RYA Dayskipper shorebased course.
There are 3 assessments for this course, Chartwork which is more advanced than the Dayskipper work, passage planning which is a major part of the course and includes meteorology and the final assessment International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea.
This course also needs a minimum of 40 hours teaching with aditional self study and homework.

VHF DSC Course
This is an interactive course, the learner downloads the modules onto there computer and works through them in there own time, after doing a knowledge check the student can then book an assessment with myself through the RYA. The final assessment will involve a short written test and talking on real  radios giving the studen tan opportunity to press all the buttons and knobs on the radio before making a Mayday and ship to ship call.

Diesel Engine Course
This course is just a theory course as we don't have an engine to operate on, but will the student knowledge of how to maintain a marine diesel engine and how to repair on going breakdowns. 






















Wavebreaks Nautical CollegeVHF DSC Radio course and examDownload ResoarsesPhotos